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HAD AudioLAB Tube Amplifiers

HAD AudioLAB Tube Amplifiers

HAD AudioLAB Tube Amplifiers

We have been doing business since 1995, as a developer and distributor software solutions for accounting.
Over the years, dedication to electronics helped us to acquire a very high level of technical expertise.
Investment in audio technology, especially electron tubes, resulted in developement of our own circuit design. It was developed with several criteria in mind: reliability, optimal quality, operational range and longevity...

Line and phono preamp's
They are crucial devices at the beginning of a quality sound chain. Therefore, when signal is still low, their impact on the final sound is very important. We are very aware of that.

Tube headamps
Crafting a device that will have a nice sound, is reliable, looks great, and has a fair price for those options is a challenge that we fully embrace, and our customers can feel that.

Integrated Tube amplifiers
Those amplifiers carry a royal attribute in audiophile world and people have extremely high expectations from these devices. We hope that our products can match those expectations.

We are also crafting custom amplifiers and other audio devices.


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